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Your flight to Frankfurt from Luxembourg

Flight to Frankfurt from Luxembourg

Fly to Frankfurt from the Luxembourg airport with Luxair !

Frankfurt is the biggest town of Hessen and the fifth largest town of Germany with about 672,000 inhabitants. The Old Town where many buildings had to be reconstructed after the attacks by the Second World War lost nothing of her charm.

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Frankfurt has more to offer than gleaming skyscrapers, the European Central Bank and the expensive restaurants: It is a city with great history. The most famous German writer Johan-Wolfgang Goethe was born there. Behind its shiny facade are medieval neighbourhoods, beautiful parks, surprisingly healthy outdoor living and incredible nightlife.

In the city centre you will find a mix of modernity and tradition. Close to the famous shopping centre MyZeil, the city’s central place Römerberg and the 14th-century town hall tell Frankfurt’s history. In Sachsenhausen you can discover some traditional restaurants.

Luxair offers you cheap flights and last minute flights during the entire year from Luxembourg to Frankfurt. You can find more information about Frankfurt in our free travel guide. You can find more information about Frankfurt in our free travel guide.

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