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Flydoscope: First edition of 2013 issued

The latest issue of Flydoscope has been published.
This first 2013 edition looks back on recent events in Luxembourg by means of articles, interviews and dedicated sections. The cover story is devoted to Yves Bouvier, CEO of Natural Le Coultre which owns the future Luxembourg freeport (a platform specifically designed for the storage high-value goods) located just a few steps away from our Cargocenter.

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Congratulations to the class of 1988

Mr Adrien Ney, CEO of LuxairGroup, welcomed LuxairGroup staff members and their partners for a dinner party to honour them for 25 years of service.

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Flydoscope Winter 2012/13

The Winter 2012/13 edition presents LuxairGroup's latest news and among the flagship subjects, an interesting interview on making radio today with Alain Berwick, Head of RTL Luxembourg.

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A survey by TNS/ILRES ordered by ECPAT Luxembourg showed that the population of Luxembourg categorically rejects sex tourism involving children

ECPAT Luxembourg, an association with the mission to fight sexual abuse on children, ordered a national survey by TNS/ILRES on the general perception of sexual abuse on children in Luxembourg, concerning sex tourism involving children as well as cyber pornography showing children (images of sexual abuse on children).

The main conclusion was that the Luxembourgish population categorically rejects the sexual exploitation of minors.

It is in fact important, nowadays, while tourism as well as new technologies are more and more present in our lives, to know the perception of the public about the reality of sexual abuse on children and the consequences it may have.

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