Hjoerdis Stahl

Hjoerdis Stahl

Executive Vice-President LuxairCARGO

Hjoerdis Stahl, born in 1966 in Puerto Rico (US overseas territories), started her career in Passenger Sales with Lufthansa in 1989. Her responsabilities progressed quickly and in 1992 she is in charge of Lufthansa staff training for the North and South America continent.

In 1995 Lufthansa gives Hjoerdis Stahl an opportunity for overseas experience with the parent company in Germany. She joins Lufthansa Cargo AG as Product Staff Manager for the Americas and Southern Europe. Her responsibilities also include defining Cargo strategies for all of the Americas.
In 1998, she is nominated as head of the Service Support Center, which provides process and EDP support to Lufthansa Cargo’s Worldwide Sales Operations, then spends another 2 years in Express Airfreight Handling Management at Germany's busiest airport, Frankfurt-am-Main.
Nominated General Manager Inflight Catering International at LSG Sky Chefs in 2001, she returns to Lufthansa Cargo in 2003 as Vice-President Cargo Stations in Germany. In this position, Hjoerdis Stahl manages the Lufthansa Cargo Center in Frankfurt, the central hub in Lufthansa’s global airfreight operations. She also supervises the 12 German local stations.

After many years with Lufthansa, Mrs Stahl was attracted to Luxair. She perceives her challenges in planning strategies to redesign LuxairCARGO's freight handling, making it resistant to crisis and bringing it to a state-of-the-art platform in the business. The unusually wide mix of nationalities and the pride and loyalty of many employees were further reasons for Hjoerdis Stahl to join LuxairGroup.

In her free time, Hjoerdis Stahl practices strong family values by taking care of and spending time with family members. She appreciates classical music and cooking for family and friends. Mrs Stahl has both German and American nationalities. She is married, with no children.