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Rome, Bari and Venice without detours. Mamma Mia !

Rome, Bari, Venice: direct flights departing from Luxembourg from €149* return, all-inclusive. MAMMA MIA!
Depart from Luxembourg-Findel (LUX), and enjoy all its benefits (parking facilities, shorter waiting times, etc. …)
Land at the airport which is closest to the city centre of your destination: don't waste any time! Enjoy the Dolce Vita!
Enjoy more flexibility: more flights, more choice… and no need to leave at 3 in the morning!

Rome, Bari, Venice: Italy with direct flights departing from Luxembourg


It's common knowledge that at all roads lead to Rome... An adage that suits Luxair perfectly because next summer, the airline will increase its number of flights to the eternal city with 4 weekly flights operated in a Boeing 737 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings. The other flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will still be operated with the Q400 according to the usual timetable. Good news for fans of the Italian capital, with its incredible culture, history, lifestyle and cuisine. Nowhere else are 28 centuries of history as present in a city, Rome itself is an open-air museum, which has managed to preserve a genuine homogeneity in its architecture. The temples and Roman amphitheatres, some still almost intact, are an integral part of the city, even forming a city within the city. The new flight schedule will allow passengers to enjoy a weekend or short break there.


Luxair is offering daily flights to the Italian capital. From 1 April, flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays will be operated at the end of the day in a Boeing 737, while flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will still be operated with a Bombardier Q-400 according to the current timetable. Tickets are available from €159 return all-inclusive.*



The capital of Apulia in southern Italy, this warm and welcoming city of history, culture and traditions offers you an incredible experience. Known as the "Gateway to the East", the city has nearly 40 kilometres of beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

With 320 000 inhabitants, Bari is the ninth largest city in Italy, and the third largest in the south. It is located in a highly urbanised area. Bari is famous for housing the relics of San Nicola (St Nicholas), making the city and its basilica one of the favourite destinations in the West for the Orthodox Church.


Bari has a long tradition as a trading city, and it has always been a commercial, political and cultural meeting point between the Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe and the Middle-East. Since 1930 Bari has also hosted the Fiera del Levante, a huge international trade fair that attracts industry and commerce representatives from all around the world, at the start of September each year.

Getting to Bari has never been so easy, with 2 direct weekly flights with Luxair on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the summer. Tickets are available from €149 return all-inclusive.*



Elegant, precious, unique, entertaining and romantic: this is how Venice reveals itself, the pearl of Veneto's tourist attractions (and of Italy in general) with its churches, palazzi, old bridges and squares that tell the tale of the artistic and cultural vitality which have always been a feature of this incredible city.

The heart of Venice is without a doubt St Mark's Square, considered as the most elegant "Living Room" in Europe, surrounded by priceless masterpieces: the imposing Campanile and the Basilica with its five arches, its marble decoration and mosaics that reflect the splendour and wealth of its interior, the Ducal Palace, a symbol of the Serenissima's golden age, the Moorish Tower, better known as the Clock Tower, after its masterpiece of engineering which has marked the passing of time in Venice for centuries; the Napoleonic Wing which houses the Correr Museum.


Venice has a unique talent to surprise you each time you return. No snapshot will ever convey the atmosphere of its winding alleyways, its little squares, its canals and its churches. Almost every street corner is filled with charm, a strange mix of déjà-vu and surprising discovery, postcard and things half-said, a journey through the Middle Ages, and to top it all off, an incredible cuisine that's a real carnival for the taste buds!

You need to take the time to discover it and get away from the crowds. Perhaps you'll meet Corto Maltese or a Casanova vexed because he lost his muse outside a museum...

The flight to Venice which, until now, operated 3 times a week from the end of June to mid-September, will now run throughout the summer season from April to October, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tickets are available from €149 return all-inclusive.*


* Conditions apply, according to availability. Fares may vary slightly depending on the points of sale


List of flights


 Luxembourg - bari
Flight number Period Day Schedule
LG 6401 From March 29th to October 18th, 2015 Sunday 08.20 - 10.45
LG 6405 From April 01st to July 8th, 2015 Wednesday 11.20 - 13.25
LG 6405 From July 15th to September 9th, 2015 Wednesday 11.00 - 13.25
LG 6405 From September 16th to October 21st 2015 Wednesday 11.20 - 13.25
 bari - Luxembourg
Flight number Period Day Schedule
LG 6402 From March 29th to October 18th, 2015 Sunday 11.25 - 14.15
LG 6406 From April 01st to July 8th, 2015 Wednesday 14.05 - 16.20
LG 6406 From July 15th to September 9th, 2015 Wednesday 14.05 - 16.55
LG 6406 From September 16th to October 21st 2015 Wednesday 14.05 - 16.20

* Subject to changes


List of flights From March 30th to October 23rd, 2015


 Luxembourg - venice
Flight number Day Schedule
LG 6541 Monday and Friday 11.05 - 12.40
LG 6541 Wednesday 12.00 - 13.35
 venice - Luxembourg
Flight number Day Schedule
LG 6542 Monday and Friday 13.25 - 15.10
LG 6542 Wednesday 14.20 - 16.05

* Subject to changes


Travel with Luxair, become a Smart Flyer...






A return flight (there AND back), inclusive of all taxes, with optimum comfort.





A luggage allowance of 20 kg per person (23 kg for Porto and Lisbon), as well as 7 kg of hand luggage.





Meals, drinks and a wide range of newspapers on board.





Check in online or from your mobile, and choose your seat without paying a supplement.

Our priority: <strong>comfort on board</strong>
Our priority: comfort on board


The Luxair fleet is made up of very modern planes, for which special efforts have been made in order to reduce noise, make seats more comfortable and improve cabin ergonomics in general.

Depending on your flight time, our multilingual cabin crew will offer you a breakfast, a tray meal (hot or cold depending on the duration of the flight) or a dinner.

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Depart from Luxembourg and enjoy the benefits of Luxembourg-Findel airport (located close by, parking facilities, shorter waiting times...)

Land at the airport which is closest to the city centre of your destination. No time-wasting and much lower airport transfer fees.

<strong>The best airports</strong><br /> for each destination
<strong>Regular flights</strong>,<br /> to offer you greater flexibility
Regular flights,
to offer you greater flexibility


Depending on the destination, up to 7 return flights a day! Flexible, practical. No need to get up at 3 in the morning...

Go shopping with friends in the morning in London, dine at a restaurant in the evening in Luxembourg, Metz or Arlon! Very handy.


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