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Your flight to Dublin from Luxembourg

Fly to Dublin from the Luxembourg airport with Luxair !

Don't be deceived by Dublin's grey image: the city has become fashionable and pulsating, attracting artists and beer-lovers. Dublin attracts many tourists during the week as well as on week-ends, above all, with worth seeing constructions and monuments.

Dublin is now very popular and attracts both artists and beer lovers. Tourists enjoy its remarkable buildings and monuments that give the city a special atmosphere. Visit Temple Bar to discover the Irish way of life with its many stores, cafés, galleries, and pubs.

Dublin is Ireland’s historical, political, artistic, cultural, economic and industrial centre. 

Luxair would like to add its contribution with a favourable round-trip flight from the airport Luxembourg to Dublin.

With about 505.000 people living there, Dublin is the capital and the biggest town of the Republic of Ireland. The town lies on the east coast of the island Ireland, with the mouth of the Liffey river in Dublin Bay and is on an average 20 meters about the sea level.

The only break on the way to Dublin is a coffee break! Luxair offers you cheap flights and last minute flights from Luxembourg to Dublin! You can find more information about Dublin in our free travel guide.

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