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Your flight to Porto from Luxembourg

Flight to Porto from Luxembourg

Fly to Porto from the Luxembourg airport !

Porto’s dramatic scenery, its beautiful old town, its excellent food and world renowned Porto wine have established it in the league of prime European cities.

Once considered the edge of the known world in the Middle Ages, the industrious town of Porto clung to the side of Portugal looking out across the endless Atlantic Ocean, before adventurers decided to leave the Douro banks, and risked it all to head to the new world. Half a millennium has passed since then, but Porto has retained much of that rugged adventurous and determined spirit. 

Start your day with a breakfast at Café Majestic and visit the in art nouveau decorated book store Livraria Lello e irmão. Then you can go shopping at Avenida dos Aliados or visit the Porto wine museum to learn about the history of this regional wine.

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