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Reykjavik from 235€!

Return Flight, all taxes and services incl.


Flight to Reykjavik

Hesitating between fjords and cliffs, countryside and waterfalls, lakes and legends, Iceland is a unique country in its kind. Indeed, if "Ísland" means "land of ice" because of the fact that 10% of its territory is covered with glaciers, it is also land of fire, because the island was entirely shaped by volcanoes. It is also the least densely populated country in Europe. There are even more sheep than inhabitants! Discover spectacular landscapes whose beauty leaves you speechless and come and admire the vastness of its spaces as far as the eye can see. In the middle of wild landscapes beaten by the winds, let yourself be subjugated by an unusual universe where geysers and volcanoes testify of the terrestrial fury of the first ages.

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