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Special baggage in hold

Take what you want!

Your sports equipment can be transported in hold at a flat fee of 50 € per equipment (up to 32 kg) and per way.

  • 1 golf bag incl. 1 set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, 1 pair of golf shoes.

  • 1 diving suit, 1 scuba regulator, 1 tank harness, 1 weight-belt (excl. weights), 1 tank pressure gauge, 1 diving mask, 2 fins, 1 snorkel and 1 stabilizing jacket.

    Acceptance criteria:

    - Diving cylinders must be empty and the valves must be “OPEN.”

    - Torch batteries and bulbs must be disconnected or removed.

    - Torch switches must be set to “OFF.” 

  • 1 kite- or 1 surfboard, sails and lines 

  • 1 set of paragliding equipment packed in 1 container

  • 1 normal bicycle (no engine powered bicycles/ no e-bikes), or 1 child-carrying trailer for bicycles or one unicycle, 1 helmet

  • 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles, 1 one pair of ski boots, 1 helmet. 

  • 3 fishing rods and reels carried in 1 rigid transport box. Waders, basket, save all, boots and bags have to be carried in 1 bag specially designed for transportation.

Your firearms and ammunition equipment can be transported in hold at a flat fee of 75 € per equipment per way.

  • Contents: Weapons and ammunition. Ammunition must be stored separately.

    Remarks: All weapons must first be identified by their owner in front of a Security Officer. Passengers carrying weapons and transiting through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg must hold an "autorisation de transit d'armes" (weapons transit authorization) issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice.


    Passengers must send an application letter to:

    Ministère de la Justice
    13, rue Erasme
    L-2934 Luxembourg

    Tel: (+352) 247-84537
    Fax: (+352) 26 68 48 61


    This application (no form available) must include the following information:


    - name and date of birth of passenger(s)


    - permanent address


    - date(s) of intended transit


    - nature of weapon(s) carried including ammunition - caliber


    - number of weapon(s)


    For further information please contact our call center at the following number: +352 2456-1.


In the event of excess weight or lack of space, Luxair reserves the right to unload your sports or hunting firearms and ammunition equipment. Excess baggage fees will be refunded.