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We reward your loyalty!

4 flights = 1 free voucher

Fly 4 times until 31/03/23 latest and get one free voucher
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Discover our brand new loyalty program created for Luxair customers! Activate the 4 flights = 1 free voucher program from your MyLuxair account, fly four times until March, 31, 2023 and enjoy one free voucher. The 4 flights = 1 free voucher program is available to all Luxair and LuxairTours networks.





How will my ticket be counted into the program?
If you purchased your ticket on the Luxair website through your MyLuxair account, your ticket will be added automatically to the program.

Otherwise, you will have to add your ticket manually via your MyLuxair account, as follow: 

  1. Login to your MyLuxair account
  2. Select “View my bookings” menu
  3. Add your “Last Name” and “Reservation Number”
  4. Click “Search” button
  5. Your ticket will be added upon the successful search process.


I have booked a ticket before I activate the program. Will my ticket be counted and considered part of this program?

Tickets will be included in the program if the past ticket booking was made at a maximum 1 week prior to 4 flights = 1 free voucher program activation and the flight will fly within the period of the currently active program.


I'm traveling in a group (i.e. with family or friends) on the same booking, can I add their tickets to my 4 flights = 1 free voucher program?
If you are traveling in a group, only your own ticket can be added to your program, not the reservations of others traveling with you even if you book together. If any of the people traveling with you wish to participate, they must create their own MyLuxair account and subscribe to the program.


I have a round trip ticket and I need to cancel one of the trips from my ticket. Will this still count as part of the program?

Only the flown flight will be counted. If this ticket will later become the basis for calculating the gift voucher, then the value of the voucher will be equal to the portion of this ticket that has been flown.


Who can participate in this program?

Every adult (from 18 years old) can participate in this program, by first registering for a MyLuxair account if he doesn't already have one.


What types of tickets are included in this program?

Only regular-priced tickets are included in this program. Other tickets, such as flight + hotel package, negotiable fares and corporate tickets are not included. 


How will I receive my gift voucher?

After the completion of the program, by travelling 4 times with Luxair, the voucher will be sent automatically to you via email. 


How can I redeem my gift voucher?

At the payment step of the booking flow, enter your gift voucher number and its PIN code. The amount of the voucher will be automatically deducted from the total price of your booking (including flight(s) and ancillaries). If the price of the flight ticket is lower than the voucher amount, you will be able to use the remaining amount of the voucher for your next flight booking. Please note that voucher cannot be redeemed for the purchase of Gift Cards or other vouchers.


Can I add insurance to my booking when using my gift voucher?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add insurance when you redeem the voucher for your booking. If you wish to add insurance, please book your flight and contact our Customer Service afterwards so they can add it manually for you.



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