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Geneva starting at 159€!

Return flight, all taxes and service included


Welcome to Geneva! Fly to Geneva at attractive fares with Luxair, and discover one of the most cosmopolitan cities.

With its 191 000 inhabitants, Geneva is the second biggest city in Switzerland after Zurich. Located in the southwestern part of the country, Geneva was built right next to the Lake Léman, also called Lake Geneva. Visit a beautiful pearl surrounded by one of Europe’s most remarkable landscapes, offering unforgettable views of the lake and the mountains as well as a very rich architectural heritage. Forget the clichés: Geneva has far more to offer than banks and luxury hotels…


Fly to Geneva with Luxair. We offer you return flights from Luxembourg to Geneva at attractive fares. You can find more information about Geneva in our free travel guide!

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1 baggage 23kg
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Luxembourg - Geneva
Flight number Day Schedule
LG8361 Monday - Friday 06:40 - 07:45
LG8365 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00 - 12:05
LG8365 Sunday 15:25 - 16:30
LG8363 Monday - Friday 15.45 - 16:50
LG8367 Monday - Friday 19:45 - 20:50


Geneva - Luxembourg
Flight number Day Schedule
LG8362 Monday - Friday 08:15 - 09:20
LG8366 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:45 - 13:50
LG8366 Sunday 17:00 -18:05
LG8364 Monday - Friday 17.25 - 18:30
LG8368 Monday - Friday 21:20 - 22:25


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