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Current information about entry regulations
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The different entry regulations and our flight schedule at a glance. 

Given the current situation, some countries have applied some regulations. Please ensure you have the required documents that apply to your destination.

Find on this page all the information on the current regulations as well as our flight program. 



Please find useful information on entry restrictions on the following official websites: IATA Travel Centre and ICAO COVID-19 Airport Status

Several countries also impose specific entry measures, mainly: 
1/ Taking the temperature at the departure and/or arrival point
2/ Provision of mandatory forms to be filled in online or distributed on board the aircraft or on arrival at destination
3/ Wearing a mask at all times in airports


The following is a non-exhaustive list of some specific measures: 

  • Passengers having visited a risk country listed in the following link within 10 days prior arrival must carry a medical certificate, less than 3 days old, and present a negative COVID test. Click here to find out more. 

  • Before travelling to Croatia, the Croatian Government suggest that you register online. Click here to find out more.

  • Passengers having visited a country listed in the following link must inform authorities and must start a mandatory quarantine. Click here to find out more.


    If you have been in a high-risk area at any time in the 14 days prior to your arrival, you are legally required, upon arrival, to provide proof of having been tested for the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 at the request of the relevant health authority or any other authority determined by the state. Alternatively, you must submit yourself for such testing if requested to do so.​ You will be able to do so at the testing stations of the airport.

  • All passengers will have temperature control in Luxembourg airport and upon arrival in Italy.


    • For Bari and Brindisi: Before travelling to Puglia region, the government of Region Puglia requires you to register online. Customer will have to print this registration before coming at the airport. Click here to find out more.
    • For Cagliari and Olbia: Before travelling to Sardinia, the government of Sardinia requires you to register online.Customer will have to print this registration before coming at the airport. Click here to find out more.
    • For Catania and Palermo: Before travelling to Sicily, the government of Sicily suggest that you to register online. Customer will have to print this registration before coming at the airport. (Please note that this site is only accessible via mobile devices). Click here to find out more.
    • For Lamezia Terme: Before travelling to Lamezia Terme, the authorities suggest that you to register online  Click here for more information.

  • A quarantine is compulsory for all passengers coming from Luxembourg, even if they present a negative SARS-CoV-2 test.

    Before travelling to the UK, the United Kingdom visas and immigration department requires you to register online here. Passengers will need to print this registration before coming to the airport.

    No 14-day quarantine required when you arrive if you are traveling or returning from one of the travel corridor countries or have not been to or stopped in a country that’s not on the travel corridor list in the previous 14 days. 

    For more information please click here.

  • Before travelling to Spain, the Spanish Department of Health requires you to register online here.


  • Before travelling to Greece, the Greek government requires you to register online at the latest 24 hours before the flight is MANDATORY by clicking here.

    Passengers will receive a personal QR code on the day of departure and must present it in Luxembourg in order to board the flight.

    Upon arrival in Greece, some passengers may be subject to random testing at the airport at SARS-CoV-2. In this case, they will have to wait 24 hours for their results in their hotel or at their place of residence and comply with the instructions given by the local authorities.

    For more information, please click here.

  • Before your trip to Madeira, the authorities require you to check in online between 12h and 48h before your departure via the following link.

    Upon arrival in Funchal, all passengers will be tested at the airport for SARS-CoV-2. They will have to wait for their results for 12 hours in their hotel or at their place of residence and comply with the instructions given by the local authorities.

    For more information, please click here.

    To save time, you can also present a negative test performed in an official laboratory in your country less than 72 hours before your departure.

  • Passengers having visited in the past 14 days a country listed in the following link must inform the authorities and start a 10-day mandatory quarantine. Exemptions are listed here


  • For business trips ONLY:

    Passenger having stayed more than 12h in a country listed with a “ * ” on the following link, must perform a PCR test on arrival. Click here for more information

  • Following the decision of the Tunisian authorities, Belgian nationals and residents are not allowed to enter in Tunisia as from 03/08 (compulsory quarantine even if they have a negative SARS-CoV-2  test).


We have taken all necessary measures to ensure your health and safety and we look forward to seeing you on board. Please check the entry regulations above prior to your trip. 


Find the updates on our flight program :


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