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The Dolce Vita destination by excellence

Passionate and generous, Italy willingly shows its many faces to its visitors. A country emblematic of culture, art and good food, it is also a holiday destination par excellence. The cradle of the language of love, it has something to offer everyone, whether they are looking for relaxing afternoons in the sun, beach activities or relaxed cultural excursions.

From Florence to Venice, along the Puglia coast, from Rome to Milan, the same passion for life can be found everywhere, the famous dolce vita that celebrates beauty and happiness.

Tips for your trip in Italy

  • Summer in Italy can be extremely hot, which is perfect for a beach holiday with or without children. Be aware, however, that many Italians go on holiday themselves in August, which means that many traditional family-run hotels and restaurants may be closed.


    However, if you are planning to visit certain cities or the countryside, spring or autumn might be a better choice. That's when temperatures are generally milder and, as it's an off-season, some prices may be lower.

  • Italy is the ideal destination for city trips. With its immeasurable historical heritage, unique in the world, it would be impossible to discover all that it has to offer in a single stay. Almost all Roman monuments are accompanied by a museum or exhibition detailing their century-old history, many of which enjoy special discounts for students. But Italy is not just ancient Rome, it is also full of the art and culture of the Renaissance and modernity.


    From Florence to Venice to Milan, beauty is around every corner. So you'll find yourself strolling through an art gallery simply by walking around the city. The facades of cathedrals, museums, theatres and even simple houses are like a canvas on which people once expressed their deepest and truest emotions.

  • There are two languages that the whole world understands: food and love. And Italy is fluent in both of them! The offer of trendy shops and bars in Milan, for example, can be almost overwhelming. Take a lesson in elegance from the city's fashion-conscious citizens and let the pomp and glamour of the city overwhelm your senses.


    Venice, on the other hand, offers endless possibilities to discover the Italy of your dreams: the melodious buzz of the gondoliers, the calm of the waves, the most romantic serenade in Venice, it's its own atmosphere! But if you're more of a connoisseur of the culinary arts, then Florence, with its world-famous steak and first-class wines from the Chianti region, will be the buffet you can't do without.


    In general, the Italian wine cellars are a must-see for any lover of the so-called "drops of God". They can be found all over the country and offer interactive tours and amazing guided tours of their facilities. Be careful though, as some of them may be closed during the harvest season.

These Italian cities are waiting for you!


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