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Tunisia - a country that lives and breathes history



Do you want to chill out in the sunshine with your loved one to escape the rat race for a couple of days? If the answer is yes, then there’s a solution for you: Tunisia.


Most travellers look for capital cities such as Paris, Stockholm, Rome or Berlin to spend their weekend getaway because these destinations are only a short flight away. Often these hectic city trips don’t end up as relaxing as expected, that’s why Tunisia is a brilliant alternative for your weekend adventure this time.

Tips for your trip in Tunisia!

  • Isn’t Tunisia a little bit far? Well, no. It takes only about two and a half hours to fly to Tunis, Djerba or Enfindah which is comparable to flying to Stockholm (2h 45m) or to Rome (2h 10m). While the flight to Tunisia is a bit more expensive than flying within Europe, the hotel prices are ridiculously cheap: You can book a double room for a couple of nights in a 4-star hotel for under 300€.


    With mild winters and sunny summers, the weather is far more reliable than in most capital cities in Europe. Also, good news for those among us who hate crowds and traffic: Because Tunisia is a little off-the-beaten path, it is much less crowded than most capital cities in Europe.

    Avec des hivers doux et des étés ensoleillés, le temps est bien plus fiable que dans la plupart des capitales européennes. Bonne nouvelle également pour ceux d'entre nous qui détestent la foule et la circulation : la Tunisie étant un peu hors des sentiers battus, elle est beaucoup moins fréquentée que la plupart des capitales européennes.

  • Mahdia Beach, Mahdia - If you’re looking for white sand and clear turquoise water, then don’t hesitate to take a dip in Mahdia Beach. You can either enjoy the scenic stretch of coast lined with palm trees and loungers with your better half or, in case you get bored of lounging around, you can also do boating, jet skiing or even parasailing. As soon as you feel like having a small snack or a romantic dinner, you can choose snacks and meals from plenty of street food vendors and restaurants along the 11km coastline. If you’re lucky, you might even spot fishermen netting fresh seafood.


    Treat yourself with a spa visit - If there’s anything you can do for your soul and general mental & physical well-being, then it’s probably relaxing at the spa with your partner. Especially if you had a busy week, it’s about time to dip in the pool, chill out on the beach, have a massage and last, but not least: treat yourself with a refreshing cocktail.

  • Best time to visit Tunisia - It’s best to visit Tunisia in autumn or winter (months from September to March) in order to escape the unenjoyable heat in the summer.


    Language - Arabic is considered as the official language in Tunisia which sounds quite like the Arabic spoken in Morocco and Algeria. Due to Tunisia being an ancient French colony, most Tunisians speak excellent French and some highly educated citizens do even speak English. Thus, don’t worry about major language barriers.


    Get your haggle on- Haggling is part if the Tunisian way of living. Practice your haggling skills: Keep in mind to always offer a low price first and prepare for walking away if necessary.


    Respect the dress code - In case you didn’t get the memo, Tunisia is a Muslim country and they mostly expect women to dress conservatively. Although bigger cities like Tunis are a bit more open-minded, where you can wear regular shirts and shorts, you should stay respectful and adapt if necessary.


    Use taxis to get around - It is a known fact that taxis in Tunisia are normally cheap. So, choose a taxi over a hired car to explore the countryside or small towns and cities, but make sure to ask for the price before you get in.

  • Mahdia's Old Town - Mahdia’s Old Town represents the historic and traditional town center, where you can discover the medina through the gates of the Skifa Kahla – a 10th-century fortress. You’ll spot plenty of artisans offering a wide selection of handicrafts and markets with traditional garments. If you are curious to learn something about the history of the neighbourhood, visit one of the local museums or take a tour to a traditional home.


    Visit Sidi Bou Said - If you’re a true Instagram blogger, who loves stunning sceneries, then this is the right thing for you: Sidi Bou Said is famous for its picture-perfect seaside on top of a hillside. You’ll see bright white houses with remarkable blue doors and windows, surrounded by pink and purple flowers. But a must-visit on any Tunisia trip has its price: The main streets are normally crowded with tourists. Thus, it is recommendable to visit the town first thing in the morning before it’s too hot and too crowded.


    Djerbahood - If you fancy art, then Djerbahood is a must-go for you. The open-air museum is the result of a street art event in June 2014 in which artists from all over the world created 250 mural paintings. You’ll spot beautiful spray paintings on doors, arches, walls, and roofs surrounded by the beautiful, traditional architecture of the village Erriadh.

These Tunisian cities are waiting for you!


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