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Luxair Inflight Entertainment

A new audio-visual experience on board

Welcome to the Luxair Inflight Entertainment and enjoy free movies, series, inflight magazines and games during your flight. The Luxair Inflight Entertainment is a free on-board platform full of audio-visual content for your entertainment. Currently available on four of our Boeing airplanes, the Luxair Inflight Entertainment will ensure you have a good time on long flights. This new platform provides you with plenty of content for every age and every occasion.

Explore the different sections of RTL Play which includes a vast variation of daily news, movies, cartoons, sitcoms and more in different languages. Plan your next holiday and discover new destinations through our travel guides and the latest offers through our LuxairTours brochures.


Bring your own portable device and discover our carefully curated content for every age. Connect to Luxair Inflight Entertainment directly with your phone, tablet or laptop and don't forget to bring your headphones and have a full battery for a long-entertained flight!


Discover our library

How does it work?

Bring your phone, tablet or laptop on your flight and follow the instructions of the sticker on the seat-back in front of you.

1. Switch your device into airplane mode
2. Connect to LuxairWiFi
3. Scan the QR Code or type "“on your browser to connect


Our Tips

  • Bring your tablet or laptop for more comfort.
  • Be sure that your device is fully charged. 
  • You can bring a power bank for longer streaming-time. 
  • Don’t forget your headphones for a long-entertained and enjoyable flight!