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Every destination you visit has incredible hidden places to explore, tons of undiscovered wonders and unknown treasures... it is now your turn to reveal them to a whole community of travellers.

Get ready for new travelling experiences, welcome to #SpottedByTravellers community. 



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Get off the beaten track, follow small steep paths, venture into narrow and hidden streets of towns and villages... the secret treasures and stunning spots are never far away, always within reach for those who dare to venture.


So seek adventure, explore, because the best way to discover the extraordinary is to follow your instincts.  

Capturing moment



Here you are. Where everything is calm and silent... it is your turn now to capture perfection. Capture something that will amaze one's at first sight, something that might be gone forever once you pressed the button.


Because every picture has a story to tell, because each picture is unique ... This is exactly why we created #SpottedByTraveller. Seize the perfect moment, capture the wonders of your trip.



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Because travelling leaves you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller, join our community of LuxairSpotters to share your unique moments and reveal share to your fellow travelers all the secret wonders of our world. Nothing develops open-mindedness like travel. 


Without even knowing, you are about to inspire hundreds of travellers. #SpottedByTravellers 


1 - Spot your secret place

Find your secret place during your travel 


2 - Upload your picture on the website

Select a great picture of your spot 


3 - Tell us more

Give us information about your spot 


4 - Be published

You may be published in the gallery 


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