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Social and environmental accountability constitute a major tenet of Luxair’s entrepreneurial vision.


Luxair puts great emphasis on employees’ personal and professional development. Their motivation and well-being at work and in-service training form part of the key elements of our human resources management. Facilitating family and personal life is also policy, consequently flexible work conditions are made available wherever possible to the staff of the company.


Well aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, reducing harm remains a crucial factor in every decision and investment made by Luxair. Continuous efforts are conducted on a daily basis, allowing our company to operate in the most responsible, sustainable and efficient way.

  • Luxair reinforced its pledge and strengthened its commitments by formalising two important documents, which are the Modern Slavery Statement and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, in a bid to develop and promote responsible and ethical policies in all countries where the company operates, whilst maintaining high ethical standards and acting with integrity for our regular operations. By signing a supplier code of conduct the company commits to run its business activities with ethics as well as in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



Luxair goes orange


In reference to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Luxair joined the movement initiated by the United Nations World Organization and went orange. The objective? #OrangeTheWorld.


Because violence is not acceptable to anyone, Luxair decided to dedicate its visibility to the defence of women and girls who are victims of violence.


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Luxair supports Caritas, an NGO that helps vulnerable populations.


Luxair organises several collections, in particular for the Foyer Ulysse in Luxembourg, an emergency centre that can accommodate up to 64 vulnerable and homeless people. Remaining left-over food production from Luxair’s catering department is donated to the centre on a daily basis.


More to that, Luxair’s staff members have committed themselves. Luxair’s catering department collected kitchen utensils for the centre and plans to carry out nutrition and cooking workshops at the Foyer, whilst Luxair’s HR department ran a return to work initiative to help beneficiaries write CVs and find work and stability again.

Croix Rouge




Luxair has a long-standing partnership with the Luxembourgish Red Cross and organises fundraising collections on board its flights.


Luxair also grants a financial support to their social grocery stores “Buttek”, managed together with Caritas. These stores help those in a position of insecurity, giving access to a range of 250 products, from foodstuffs to clothes and maintenance products, priced cheaper than normal high-street prices. But these stores aren’t only for grocery shopping. They are also a place for meeting others, striking up conversation and for social inclusion.






Luxair is also partner of ECPAT Luxembourg, an NGO that fights against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Luxair helps ECPAT to raise awareness and thus regularly relays the child protection campaign through its various media.

Luxair has taken these commitments one step further by joining “The Code” tourism label to enforce the protection of children.






Stëmm vun der Strooss


Luxair shows continued support for the Stëmm vun der Strooss charity in Luxembourg that helps people in need by encouraging the social and professional integration of unprivileged but also discriminated individuals.



The environment is at the forefront of political and economic concerns. The climate emergency we are experiencing and increased public awareness mean that sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions must be priorities for companies in today’s day and age.

Luxair is fully aware of the legacy it is leaving for the next generation.

  • The airline’s fleet renewal policy is a tangible example of this. The average age of Luxair’s aircraft is 6.5 years old. Newer aircraft mean streamlined, lighter, more fuel-efficient planes. All the company’s Boeings have been fitted with (split) scimitar winglets to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Aircraft engines are regularly replaced with newer models to allow fuel savings of 4%. It also ensures that its aircraft are adapted to their destinations, medium haul flights are therefore operated with its 11 De Havilland Q-400, considered among the most “eco-friendly” aircraft available on the market.

  • The airline is continuously enhancing its in-flight catering concept. No more single use, but an eco-friendly recyclable recycled concept favouring local products and producers.

  • In order to improve Luxair’s continuous commitment to energy reduction, the company also participates in the current voluntary agreement on improving energy efficiency in Luxembourg industry. Sustainable facilities, equipment and processes are key elements of Luxair’s development. Luxair’s cargo handling activity had committed itself to reducing emissions by 20%, however its fleet of 200 electric vehicles, the improved insulation of its hangar and the replacement of lightbulbs with LEDs resulted in a 33% reduction in emissions.