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Your flight to Turin from Luxembourg

Flight to Turin from Luxembourg

Turin with direct flights departing from Luxembourg

When talking about Turin, Le Corbusier said it was « the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world ». Indeed, the capital of the Piedmont through which runs the river Po, is situated at the foot of the Alps, a one-hour drive from the French border and one hour from the Mediterranean coast.

Reading through the history of the city, you discover a la large part of Italy’s history as well. Capital of the Sardinia Kingdom, then first ever capital of Italy, the city was also home to the House of Savoy. Numerous monuments, palaces and arcaded piazas are testimonial for the historical glory of the city. Still today it is considered as the capital of Baroque architecture. Turin was also in constant competition with Paris and Vienna, trying to imitate elements of their styles. When looking at the grand avenues and monumental constructions in the city, one feels closer to Paris than the traditional yellow and white houses of other Italian cities.

Whatever your “Gusto”, Turin has something to excite you. The Agnelli family comes from here just as the famous car brands Fiat, Lancia or Alfa Romeo. It is also the home of the National Automobile Museum. Should you be a sports fan, you surely know the black and yellow striped jerseys of the Juventus. At the latest since the 2006 Olympic Games, Turin has taken an affirmative position on the map of ski or other winter sports lovers. Should you travel in quest of spirituality or religious testimonials, the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and the Holy Shroud will be a must during your visit.

Of course Italy also attracts because of its cuisine. As the capital of Piedmont, Turin offers world famous slow food dishes, delicate wines and specialties like chocolate. Should you like sweets, try the chocolate delights of a Gianduiotto or drink a Bicerin, a mix between Espresso, chocolate and milk. And should all of this still keep you hungry for more, remember that you are as close as you can get to other Piedmont cities like Alba or Asti. You can also relax in the close-by Natural Reserve of Sacro Monte or the Gran Paradiso National Park.

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