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Fly with Luxair, and benefit from free flights!

Redeem Miles

If you are a Business Traveller and member of the frequent flyer program Miles & More, there are many ways to redeem your miles. But if you are looking for one that will give you unparalleled return on investment. we recommend you continue flying for free!

Redeem your award miles and get free Luxair flights. This means free airline tickets! No matter if you are flying by yourself or if you would like to make a special present to your family or friends: use your miles and fly with Luxair to one of the nicest destinations in Europe.*


Looking for free flights? Redeem your Miles for Luxair flights online.

mileage bargains



In collaboration with Luxair and other airlines, Miles & More is offering the well-known  “Mileage bargains”. What are the benefits?

You can redeem your miles against a free Luxair roundtrip ticket to a bunch of selected destinations (changing every month), for a special price!


Economy: 15,000 miles instead of 35,000!
Business: 25,000 miles instead of 50,000!


Some examples of destinations: Milan, Usedom, Hamburg, Munich, London City, Copenhagen, Oslo, Krakow, Bologna, Belgrade and more ...


Discover the destinations currently available


* Please note the following Terms and Conditions – Miles & More flight awards.

** Flight award bookings are subject to seat availability in booking classes relevant for Miles & More flight awards on the desired route.

Key features of Miles & More

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