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A few pieces of advice to detect improper usage of Luxair's name.

Many social media game contests are currently running on Facebook which are not Luxair official, as such we advise you to not participate. These scams often require the participants to share their credit card information to take part in the prize draw or receive special offers. Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is not responsible for such game contests and advise its community not to participate in such social media contests. 


How to detect social media scams :  


1 - The host account: genuine Luxair Luxembourg Airlines social media contests are only hosted on Luxair Luxembourg Airlines social media accounts or trusted partners' accounts such as radio (LOR FM, RTL, DirectFM, etc.), airports, press and press websites (L'essentiel, RTL, etc.), third-party companies (POST, Spuerkess, etc.), bloggers. This list is non-exhaustive. Fake contests usually take place on unbranded pages with random names (no profile picture / the profile picture contains just the first letter of the page title).


2 - Logos and branding materials: genuine Luxair Luxembourg social media contests always use the current branding materials in place. Any communication with old/misplaced logos, old aircraft, is considered a scam and we therefore, advise you to not participate in these fake contests.  


3 - Language level: Luxair Luxembourg Airlines always uses a  correct level of language, respecting syntax and spelling as much as possible. Respect for the community is a key element in any communication. Any communication using less professional language (slang) will not have been at the initiative of the company and we therefore, advise you to not participate in such fake contests. Overusage of emojis/emoticons or graphical elements that are not from Luxair's brand guidelines can be considered a scam


4 - Request for payment: Luxair Luxembourg Airlines or trusted partners never request bank/credit card details for participation in a social media contest. If any payment or credit card information is required, please do not proceed with the payment. If however, a purchase remains necessary in order to take part in the competition, no payment is required outside of the websites. (i.e. In the event that the purchase of flight tickets or a package is a necessary requirement for participation in the contest).


5 - Request for phone number: Luxair Luxembourg Airlines or trusted partners never ask for a phone number in a social media contest. Only the postal address and email address are required, in order to contact the winner.


Further information : 

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines often offers to its beloved community and customers the opportunity to win prizes, however, the company does not offer special birthday discounts nor free tickets for birthday on social media (except for birthday promo code sent via e-mail only - subscription to the newsletter is mandatory).


Please report such fake contests as much as possible. 





- The fake contest is hosted on an unverified account (random name + missing profile picture)

- Overuse of a graphical element which does not belong to Luxair Luxembourg Airlines' branding

- Suspicious landing page URL that redirects to a payment page/credit card info fields

- Luxair Luxembourg Airlines does not offer birthday prizes or special discounts on social media 


This image is illustrative and the design of the visuals/writing of the fake contests can take significantly different forms.



For any questions or further information, please contact Luxair Social Media Team on social media or use the following email address