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Stick together, Luxair offers you the possibility to book for your group!



Whether you are a sports team, students or organizing a business trip, you can always contact our group department to obtain a quote for your trip.

Thanks to the high flexibility of group pricing, you can book your trip up to one year in advance.


Trips for up to 9 people can be booked directly online on, so why not choose a group offer instead of making several separate individual bookings?


By making individual bookings, you will not necessarily get the same rate for all passengers and the flight may be fully booked before you purchase the number of tickets needed. If you ask for a group offer, the fare will be the same for all passengers. Compared to an individual booking, the price will be the same or slightly higher, but you will enjoy many more advantages in terms of customized service, greater financial flexibility and freedom of change.



> To make your request or to receive more information, please contact our group department by email 




  • Customized service: our group department will help you to find the best destination and will give you useful tips to get the best prices.


  • Financial flexibility: Standard individual reservations have to be fully paid at the time of booking. By choosing a group rate, you only have to pay an initial deposit of 25% and pay the balance one month before departure.


  • Freedom of changes: Individual bookings cannot be modified, unless you have selected flexible fares. With a group offer, free changes remain possible under certain conditions (date and time of the flight, name of the passengers and size of the group)


Click here to get our particular group conditions.  

Members of a group will be checked-in separately. The weight and the number of allowed pieces will be calculated per person. Families are allowed to check-in together, however, each family member has his/her own free baggage allowance, not combinable (in weight and in pieces). 


> To make your request or to receive more information, please contact our group department by email 


* Minimum of 10 paying adults.