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Do you already know our loyalty program?
We've been enjoying so much rewarding you with fantastic vouchers, that we decided to extend HighFive until 30th of April 2025.

If you are not yet familiar with our loyalty program, we recommend that you start now to enjoy the fantastic advantages it offers you!


Participating is easy, just create a personal MyLuxair profile and click on the banner to join the loyalty program. Once you join, your trips will automatically be taken into consideration and you will receive a fantastic voucher for every 5 trips completed.


Let's review the rules together

Travel 5 times

The more you book with us, the more vouchers you can claim. For each set of 5 bookings you will receive a voucher worth the value of the cheapest booking.

Increase your level

Get a bonus of 10%, 20% or even 30% on top of your voucher’s value as you level up. All the bookings completed in the last 12 months will actively count towards your level, but not the bookings excluded by you.

New feature

Your bookings will expire after 12 months or on the end date of the campaign. Expired bookings will no longer count toward your level, so be sure to not level down!