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Travel Safe & Clean

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Luxair & LuxairTours have put special measures in place to guarantee your safety when traveling with us. Your health, well-being, safety, and comfort are always our highest priority. We offer you a safe & clean travel experience made by Luxair & LuxairTours.

We are also adhering and applying all the guidelines set by EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Discover below the measures taken to ensure hygiene and safety during your journey.


Luxair & LuxairTours are committed to ensure the health and safety of all its passengers prior boarding. Hence, we would like to kindly ask you to fill out one out of three forms, applicable to your destination:


  • For flights outside of Italy/UK: Notification of Health status prior boarding: Download here
  • For flight to/from Italy: Notification of Health status prior boarding - please fill it out, sign and show it at the boarding gate: Download here
  • For flight to UK: please read the latest public health advice prior completion of your booking and register through this link: Click here


If any of the statements in the above forms apply to your situation, you might not be permitted to fly.

Thank you for helping us to protect your health.

  • Safe & Clean Travel

    In line with the latest expert medical finding that the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted by droplets and touch, Luxair & LuxairTours have placed their greatest focus on surface cleaning:

    • Complete disinfection of the aircraft interior
    • Use of approved eco-friendly chemicals that are proven to kill viruses and germs
    • Comprehensive & in-depth wipe down of all surfaces – from windows, tray tables, seats, seatbelts, armrests, air vents and overhead lockers in the cabin, to lavatories and galleys.


  • Onboard Air Filtration

    HEPA Filters in all our aircraft – the cleanliness of our aircraft cabin is of utmost importance:


    The air on board all Luxair aircraft is cleaner than outside, it is continuously mixed with a large quantity of fresh outside air and it consists of up to 60% fresh air.


    The air in the cabin is changed every 3 minutes, in average the filters remove every pollutant such as dust, allergens bacterial or viral organisms, such as the COVID-19. They are filtered from the air circulating in the aircraft cabin, on the ground, and during your flight meeting the standards of air filtering for hospital operating rooms.


    Filters are 99.99% effective. 

  • Deep Cleaning & Complete Disinfection of our Cabins

    At Luxair & LuxairTours, we follow very strict hygiene procedures to enhance your safe travel. Our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


    If any suspect or confirmed COVID-19 case was on board, a deep cleaning & advanced disinfection process, including defogging of cabin interiors, will be systematically done prior to operating the next flight.

    In addition, in the affected areas, leather seats including seat covers, armrests, and seatbelts are thoroughly cleaned using approved cleaning products. 


    Only the products provided by Luxair may be used onboard.    


    Luxair follows very strict hygiene measures in respect and adherence to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) rules.

  • Onboard Hygienic Measures

    Because the health and the safety of everybody are our top priority:

    • Surgical or FFP2 masks are mandatory for our cabin crews.
    • Passengers must also compulsorily wear a mask, either a surgical mask or a hand-made mask made of cloth, bandana (buff) or scarf (except for kids below 6 years old). Unfortunately, according to the guidelines of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, no exception is allowed.
    • Onboard, our crews will distribute a personal hydro-alcoholic solution & a free sanitizing wipe. Sanitizing soap will be available in lavatoriesAny other antibacterial wipes or any other cleaning materials in the cabin by passengers are prohibited as they may interact with chemicals already used by Luxair in its cleaning process and may cause damage to our seats, fabrics, plastics and finishes.

    Our cabin crew might decide to:

    • distribute a surgical mask to a passenger when she/he estimates by her/his own judgment that the mask is not appropriate (a surgical mask reserve will be placed in each aircraft)
    • distribute a FFP2 mask to a passenger when she/he estimates by her/his own judgment that it is appropriate to reassure the client (a FFP2 mask reserve will be placed in each aircraft)

    Our crew will also ensure the regular promotion of hygiene rules – washing hands frequently and thoroughly with soap, correctly covering mouth & nose when coughing or sneezing, not shaking hands, avoiding physical contact, taking care to avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth –  via Inflight announcements.

  • Boarding & Seating Arrangement in the Aircraft

    Following measures have been put in place for boarding and seating in the aircraft:

    • The boarding & de-boarding will take place in smaller groups, at the gate & on board.
    • Boarding will be done from the main aircraft door, our 737 fleet will preferably be connected to an airbridge.
    • Depending on actual Seat Load Factors, passenger seats will be allocated as widely as possible throughout the flight. Our crews will do their best to optimize the seating whenever possible and to group the passengers traveling together, like your family, and separate them from other passengers.
    • Surveillance and regular announcements are done by our cabin crew.

  • A Simplified and Safe Onboard Service

    Several measures have been taken to significantly reduce the contact between crew and passengers, additional measures are led to implement a "touchless cabin":

    • Only laptop, handbag, briefcase, medicine or baby food (no hard rules and upon judgement of the cabin crew). Any other items will have to be checked-in within your regular bag or managed as a Deposit At Aircraft (for Q400 only)

    • No paper onboard magazines/newspapers
    • The safety instruction cards will be placed visibly on each back seat and replaced by sticker in coming weeks/months
    • Temporary suspension of inflight sales
    • No distribution of pillows/cushions & blankets
    • Children giveways will be distributed on board
    • Temporary suspension of special meal offer
    • Avoidance of Unaccompanied Minor (evaluate requirements with parents)

    We will regularly adapt our service depending on recommendations from local authorities, the EU and from the World Health Organization.

  • An Optimized Catering Concept

    The hygiene measures introduced as a result of the crisis also mean that we have to adapt our in-flight service to minimize interactions and contact:

    • For snacks and meals, packaging and presentation are adapted to minimize contact 
    • Our regular beverage service is temporarily suspended. However a selection of drinks will be available during the flight.

    Service onboard will be adapted according to the flight time.

  • Cabin Baggage Allowance

    Items allowed in the cabin will be limited to laptop, handbag, briefcase, medicine and baby food.

    Any other items have to be checked-in within your regular baggage on hold or managed as a "delivery at aircraft" (only for De Havilland Q400) baggage.

    • De Havilland Q400

    Please be aware that your cabin baggage size 55 X 40 X 23 cm and maximum 8 kg will not be accepted in the cabin and will automatically be tagged as “delivery at aircraft (DAA)” baggage. This means you will have to leave it in front of the aircraft before boarding and pick it up right after landing when leaving the aircraft.

    • Boeing 737

    Please be aware that your cabin baggage will not be accepted in the cabin. Any other items, including your cabin luggage, have to be checked-in within your regular baggage and will be transported in the hold. You will then have to collect it on the baggage carousel after landing at the baggage claim area.

  • Staff Health & Training

    We want to make sure that you feel safe when traveling with us and you are supported by a caring and professional team.


    All our Cabin Crews have undergone a special Covid-19 Training:

    • Understanding the reason why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary and how to wear (and remove them) properly.
    • Removing PPE following strict procedures and evacuate the clinical waste
    • Understanding and promoting good hygiene behaviors
    • Review of the different kits available onboard
    • How to protect themselves and passengers
    • How to deal with potentially infected passengers
    • Procedures are in place to quickly identify and act on any potential risk

    Constant medical advice and update from Health Authorities and internal doctor

  • Social Distancing at the Airports

    Airports are defining measures on the ground and on social distancing, longer waiting times expected :

    • Please be early at the airport, as check-in and security check will take more time, check your necessary entry requirements, be prepared

    Social Distancing is not evident in air travel, Luxair has introduced further measures at the airport in order to meet the recommendations in the best possible way :

    • Mandatory wearing of mask for passengers (no accompanying family allowed to enter the Terminal except for PRM escorts), either a surgical mask or a hand-made mask made of cloth, bandana (buff), or scarf.  
    • Floor markings at the Check-In area, Security, Boarding Gate, etc. Dedicated surveillance by our ground agents
    • Bus transfers will be avoided whenever possible
    • Priority boarding via one door only
    • Lux-Airport has introduced specific measures regarding COVID-19, for more information please click here.

  • Useful Information prior to your Flight about Entry Regulations & Restrictions at your Destination

    Prior to your flight, we strongly recommend you to check the latest entry criteria of the country you are traveling to, to ensure you are able to travel.


    This is also the case even if you are a citizen or resident of the country of destination, or if you are only transiting in this country (connecting flight). In addition, special quarantine and sanitary measures might be in place for each destination and as per governmental directives. We advise you to check the last entry regulations directly with the foreign affairs department or relevant local authorities. You have to ensure all requirements are fulfilled before check-in. Failure to complete or present all the necessary documents may mean that you are not permitted to fly, or you may be refused entry at your country of destination.


    You also have useful information on the following websites:

    We also strongly recommend you to check the regulations in force at your departure/destination airport:

    • At some airports, in order to comply with the provisions of the local health authorities, body temperature may be measured prior to departure. If there is a value higher than that established by the regulations (usually 37.5° C), you may be prohibited from departing or requested to show a specific medical certificate approved by the local authorities.
    • At some airports, it's mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection masks when traveling from that airport. The Police will not let any passengers board the aircraft if passengers do not have masks.


    Please check some important entry regulations we have collected for you here: Entry regulations and Flight Program.

If any of the statements of the Notification of Health status prior to boarding apply to your situation and in order to avoid potential spread of the virus, we request you not to present yourself at the airport or to leave immediately the airport if you have not disclosed the information to Luxair before your arrival. In such case, please contact our call center at (+352) 2456-1 or your travel agency.


COVID-19: Current information on the flight program of Luxair and LuxairTours All updates here


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We kindly encourage you to support our protective measures on-board by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). These include washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap, correctly covering your mouth & nose when coughing or sneezing, not shaking hands, avoiding physical contact, and taking care to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.


Looking forward to seeing you soon on board!