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All you need to know about carrying your special equipment for your trip

Luxair ensures that your special equipment gets safely to your destination, including sport equipment, musical instruments or sport weapons and ammunition. Any special equipment which exceeds the standard baggage size and which is not a personal item (clothes, cosmetics, etc.) will be subject to special equipment rates. The length of the bag containing special equipment must not exceed 300 cm and the weight must not exceed 32 kg. Any baggage which exceeds these length and weight must be transported by cargo.




Please book your special equipment at least 72 hours before departure online, at your travel agency or by calling the Customer Service Centre, (+352) 24561.

In case you booked a flight to a LuxairTours destination (flight number range LG100 - LG999), you can book your bike here.


Sport equipment

Luxair transports your sport equipment at the standard fee of 60€ per bag / way.

  • Including: a set of golf equipment may consist of a golf bag containing golf clubs, balls, tees and a pair of golf shoes.


    Packaging: The equipment must be packed in a protective solid packing case in hard plastic against damage


    Please note that for a LuxairTours package booking (Vakanz & Excellence), a golf equipment is included in the baggage allowance if booked at least 72 hours before departure.

  • Including: A set of diving equipment consists of a wetsuit, regulator, tan harness, weight-belt (excl. weights), tank pressure gauge, diving mask, two fins, one snorkel and one stabilizing jacket, diving cylinder, diving flashlight.


    Packaging: The equipment needs to be packed in a hard-shell packing case.

    Please note that the diving cylinder must be empty and the valves must be “OPEN”. The diving flashlight’s batteries and bulb must be disconnected or removed and must be switched “OFF”.


    Please note that for a LuxairTours package booking (Vakanz & Excellence), a diving equipment is included in the baggage allowance if booked at least 72 hours before departure.

  • Including: one kiteboard with sails, lines and a parachute or one surfboard or one bodyboard or one windsurf board or one Longboard


    Packaging: Any sails need to be detachable and collapsible. The equipment must be packed in a solid packing case.


    Packaging for surfboards: The fins must be removed, both the nose and the tail should have a protective material (bubble-wrap) attached for protection. The rails must be protected by cardboard to absorb shock. The board must be packed in surf-bag.

  • Including: One set of paragliding equipment.


    Packaging: Must be packed in one container for a safe transport.

  • Including: one standard bike or one child-carrying trailer for bicycles or one unicycle or one folding bike or one tandem and one helmet.


    Not included: Due to international regulations, engine powered bicycles and e-bikes are not accepted onboard, unless the battery is removed. The battery cannot be transported in the aircraft.



    1) Remove the pedals

    2) Ensure that the gearing and the frame are especially well protected

    3) Fix the handlebars to the side

    4) Place your bike in a protective solid packing case in hard plastic.


    In case you booked a flight to a LuxairTours destination (flight number range LG100 - LG999), you can book your bike here.

  • Including: A set of (water-) ski or snowboard equipment may consist of one of the following:


    - 1 pair of (water) skis, two ski poles, a pair of ski boots, a helmet, etc.

    - A board, a pair of snowboard boots and a helmet, back protection, knee pads, shovel, etc.


    Packaging: The equipment must be packed in a safe travel case.

  • Including: three fishing rods, waders, basket, save all, one pair of boots.

    Packaging: The fishing equipment must be carried in 1 rigid transport box, the rest of the equipment must be transported in a separate bag which is designed for transportation.

Musical instrument

Music instruments are accepted in the hold if  their dimension does not exceed 3 meters and if their weight does not exceed 32 kg. To ensure their transportation, simply book an additional baggage using the link on you e-Confirmation at least 72 hours prior to your departure.


For security reasons, musical instruments must be carried in hard cases to be checked-in as hold luggage. 


Expensive musical instruments have to be transported in the passenger cabin on an extra seat, which may be booked via our Customer Service Centre (+352) 24561 or by using our contact form.

The price of an extra seat corresponds to the price of a single ticket without airport taxes. The dimensions of this item should not exceed 120 cm x 42 cm x 41 cm and should not weight more than 45 kg. 


Musical instruments can be accepted as standard cabin luggage if their dimensions – case included - do not exceed 110 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) x 23 cm (height) and if their weight does not exceed 8 kg.


Hunting and sport weapons

Including: Sport firearms, maximum 2 pieces of equipment, 1 bag with the weapon and one bag with the ammunition (max 5kg of ammunition allowed; ammunitions must be stored separately). The total weight of weapon and ammunition shall not exceed 32kg. 


Not included: The transport of weapons of war and munitions of war is not allowed on Luxair aircraft


Packaging: Weapons must be disassembled, empty, securely packed in separate containers and checked in inside separate items of baggage. Weapons shall be packed in a hard box.


The ammunition must be packed separately from the weapon in a solid container made of wood, metal or fibreboard. This container will protect the ammunition against vibration, movement and unintentional automatic release.


Firearms and ammunition containing explosive projectiles must not be placed in checked hold luggage.


Special regulations: All weapons have first to be identified by their owner in front of the Security Officer.

Passengers carrying weapons and transiting through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg must hold an "Autorisation de transit d'armes" delivered by the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice.


Passengers must send an application letter to:


Ministère de la Justice
13, rue Erasme
L-2934 Luxembourg
Tél: (+352) 247-84537
Fax: (+352) 26 68 48 61


This application (no form available) must bear the following indications:

- Name and date of birth of passenger(s)
- Permanent address
- Date(s) of intended transit
- Nature of weapon(s) carried including ammunition - calibre

- Number of weapon(s)


Please book your Hunting and sport weapons equipment at least 72 hours before departure at your travel agency or by calling the Customer Service Centre, (+352) 24561. Luxair transports your equipment at the fee of 150€ per bag / way.
Please note that Hunting and sports weapons are not allowed on flights to and from Turkey.




Please proceed to the check-in desk for further information.



Please contact the local airport agency for more information about where to reclaim your special equipment.