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Germany from 99€

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Discover the diversity of Germany

Whether it's a big city feeling, a vacation in the countryside or a beach vacation - you can experience it all in Germany.

For example, a typical day on a city break to Germany might look like this:
Strolling through Germany's most popular cities, shopping, marveling at Germany's history and sights, and having a classic "German" dinner at a local restaurant in the evening. This way you will definitely get to know and experience German culture very well


  • Berlin - This is where you can best experience the culture and history of Germany. Visit the famous Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag. 


    Hamburg - Visit the famous miniature museum, stroll through the Hamburg harbor and discover Hamburg's famous warehouse district. 


    Munich - Munich offers the best opportunity to experience German culture in its entirety - the Munich Oktoberfest is a must. In addition, Munich offers beautiful lakes like the Eibsee. The English Garden in Munich is ideal for a nice walk. Munich's beautiful Marienplatz is also waiting to be explored. 


    Rostock - Rostock is a fascinating city located in northern Germany. It is the perfect place for those who love the city and the beach. Here you can walk around the city, eat and shop, but also relax all day on the beach. 


    Sylt - Visit Germany's most beautiful island in the north of the country and enjoy your beach vacation. 


    Usedom - Usedom also offers breathtaking beaches and beautiful scenery, which will make your vacation perfect.

  • The best time to travel to Germany is between May and September. During these months it hardly ever rains. In addition, you can expect long warm days here, which is the ideal condition for experiencing all that Germany has to offer. Especially the summer is usually very warm in Germany. Activities like hiking, biking, swimming are very popular during these months.



  • Autobahn - In Germany there is the so-called "Autobahn" which is similar to a highway but on the "Autobahn" there are no speed limits - take a ride yourself and enjoy the freedom. 


    Stand up Paddling - Go stand-up paddling in Sylt. 


    Mountainbiking - Go mountain biking in the beautiful landscape of Germany. 


    Hiking and Camping - Discover Germany's beautiful landscapes for hiking and camping.


    "Europapark"/ "Phantasialand" - Visit one of Germany's amusement parks and take a roller coaster ride.


    Germany has so many more adventurous things to offer - experience them for yourself


  • Some facts and rules:

    1) You can't shop on Sundays. All stores except some bakeries are closed on Sundays.  

    2) The majority of restaurants are closed on Mondays. 

    3) Drinking in public is not only allowed in restaurants or bars - in Germany it is allowed to drink in public.

    4) Public transportation is very good and easy to use. Cabs are available, of course, but Uber, for example, is not available in every German town. There is also the so-called "Flixbus", which allows you to travel very cheaply. 

    Some cultural things:

    1) Germans tend to be more direct and expressive, which can seem a bit aggressive to non-Germans. But actually, Germans are politeness personified. 

    2) Germans place great value on punctuality - whether in private or business. Compared to other cultures, Germans are the most punctual people. 


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