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Are you planning a Greek island holiday with your loved one?


Great idea, because with its stunning beaches, amazing food, beautiful properties, Greece is the perfect destination for couples who are looking to go on an unforgettable vacation.


So, if you are planning a quiet island getaway with your better half, you should definitely consider visiting the Greek islands for your romantic holiday. You will have the opportunity to choose from many different beautiful islands, such as Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Kos and many more.



It’s not surprising that Greek nature appeared in myths, songs, stories and poems: Greece has many beautiful sceneries to offer that you should discover.

One of the first things that are associated with Greece are the beautiful crystal waters with their healing effect. You will find many beautiful islands around the Ionian and the Aegean Seas with a stunning exotic underwater life.


In case you are interested in history, you can discover many stunning monuments worth to be visited as they are part of the most famous archeologic sites like the Minoan palace of Knossos.


If you are a true foodie and a fan of exquisite beverages, you will not get disappointed in Greece. The country is known for its unique wine and dishes, so do yourself a favour and book a private wine tasting tour or dine at one typically Cretan restaurant.

Tips for your travel to Greece!

  • Pack your sunscreen – No surprise Greece holds the title of being the sunniest European country: The country has more than 250 sunny days per year and the sun is already strong before summer starts. Thus, you can easily get sunburnt even if you don’t plan long beach days in advance. Given that most locals will charge more for sunscreen than in your local supermarket back home, it is recommendable to pack sunscreen before heading to Greece.


    Eat like a local – Do not hesitate to experiment with Greek dishes and try something new. Famous Greek food like Gyro or Souvlaki is indeed delicious, but there are so many hidden treasures in every menu that are worth to be discovered. You will find different dishes in each part of the country with its own special recipes and flavours.

    In case you are overwhelmed with the huge menu offers and unsure what to order, you can always ask waiters to recommend some dishes.


    Rent a car – If you wish to explore as much places as possible, the should consider renting a car. You will need an international driving license and the minimum age requirement on most Greek islands is 21, while you should be at least 23 in big cities. But many touristy places also have convenient public transportation and affordable taxi prices.


    Prepare cash – Although most stores accept credit cards, cash is still the preferred payment method. So, be sure to have cash with you as some places like local taverns or small boutiques do not accept credit cards.


    Take a ferry boat – It is a very common way to travel from the mainland to one of the Greek islands by taking a ferry. Depending on the destination, the rides are only a few hours long. However, a sincere tip for travelling to the islands is to book an overnight cabin as they are truly convenient and relaxing.

  • Aegean adventure – As a couple you should definitely explore the Greek islands. One way to experience the Aegean (the arm of the Mediterranean Sea east of Greece) is by boarding a boutique yacht. Either as a couple or alone, you can spend a few days in Athens before heading to the Aegean. The Greek islands being part of the Aegean include Delos, Rineia, Syria, Maxis, Antiparos and Desptiko, Koufonissia, Tonia Tinos, Syros, Paros, Naxo, and the Mykonos.

    If you desire to learn more about the archaeology and history of Greece, the Mykonos and Delos islands might be interesting for you. However, all the Greek islands have something unique to offer like the crystal-clear waters with healing energy and a center of Greek Mythology.


    Scuba diving in the Ionian Sea – You can dip into the Ionian Sea from many different islands. But don’t worry, they are all beautiful and have an exotic underwater world to offer. Since all the waters are protected by marine park, you will find a safe place for diving in Greece.

    The capital of the Ionian Sea is the Corfu island, situated in the northwest of Greece. The legend has it that the name Corfu was the name of the daughter of a river goddess that Poseidon fell in love with. The Ionian islands are known to be gorgeous, so be sure to visit one of those islands with your special person to experience an unforgettable memory that will last for a lifetime.


    Discover history – Greece has many stunning monuments that a worth a visit. Especially if you are a fan of history and archaeology, make sure to discover at least one of the most famous archeologic sites in the world, such as:

    • Asklepion, the Asclepius sanctuary which is 4km from Kos Town
    • The old town of Rhodes
    • The Minoan palace of Knossos in Heraklion

These Greek cities are waiting for you!


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