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Cahier de voyages: Luxair's all-inclusive package for school trips


After almost two school years marked by travel restrictions, Luxair wants to give school children the opportunity to discover again great and faszinating European cities, under the best conditions and at the best prices. These emotional educational trips are important in the school curriculum because they allow students to open up to other cultures and bring their history and language courses to life...

In collaboration with its partner Euro Moselle Loisirs, Luxair presents its educational school programs with the "Cahier de Voyages" brochure. You can discover programs to a dozen European cities. Each package includes all the elements necessary for a successful educational trip: flights, accommodation, transfers, visits, meals, local guide, activities... It is an "all-inclusive" package where everything is taken care of and organized by the tour operator, thus offering all the guarantees and insurance necessary for a successful trip.

With this new product "Cahier de Voyages", teachers will be able to organize their educational air travel more easily and more serenely, while benefiting from the best conditions and advice at every stage of the trip.

Benefits for the teacher

  • A single contact person from the Cahier de Voyages team for the implementation of the educational project. He will make an appointment with the teacher to meet him, discuss the project and give him an estimate.
  • This contact person will be present from the setting up of the file, during and until the return of the trip. The teacher is no longer responsible for the organization and contracts with the various suppliers.
  • The teacher has a phone number and an email dedicated to this service.
  • The proposed programs are "standard" programs, the teacher can ask for modifications according to his pedagogical needs and budget expectations.
  • The teacher benefits from negotiated airfares and advantageous conditions compared to a classic group.
  • Thanks to a large number of groups treated

An ultra flexible formula


To organize these trips with peace of mind, flexibility is more important than ever and Cahier de Voyages has put in place the following conditions:
If a general travel ban (or to the chosen destination) is issued by an administrative authority, the trip can be cancelled free of charge.
The names of the participants can be changed without charge up to 48 hours before departure.
Up to 15 days prior to departure, 10% of the group can be cancelled without charge. For example, for a group of 30 people, 3 people can cancel for free.

Cahier de Voyages offers you a wide range of possibilities


In this brochure, a dozen of destinations are presented but the programs are flexible and can be adapted according to educational needs and available budgets: length of stay, number of visits, proposed activities, suggested accommodations... everything can be modified. Do not hesitate to ask for offers for other European destinations: Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Copenhagen, and other modes of transport: Paris, Brussels, 1 day in Verdun by coach... The possibilities are endless and our consultants are at your disposal to discuss your educational school trip project to make it a success.

Special terms of sale for "CAHIER DE VOYAGES" school trip contracts: