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Luxair & Esch2022 by Lynn Cosyn 

Luxembourg culture ready for take-off





In 2022, Esch-Sur-Alzette will be the European Capital of Culture. Now adapting to a post Covid-19 world, the region remains true to its unique identity, a deep-rooted cultural diversity characterized by a strong sense of belonging and community. At the heart of change for many years, it will remain a space for the development of a common future where the values of transparency, solidarity and trust prevail.

Luxair is always keen to support and promote Luxembourg and its heritage. It is therefore obvious that Luxair would partner with Esch2022 and invites you to discover this large-scale project, placed under the sign of diversity, creativity and inclusiveness.




Lynn Cosyn is an artist from Luxembourg and has reached popularity with her uniquely quirky hand drawn illustrations full of whimsical feel and peculiar characters. She studied architecture and worked in an office after her graduation. Realizing that she was not able to express her artistic side enough in this environment she switched professions and worked since 2016 as a self-taught illustrator. Lynn’s aim to produce dreamy and poetic imagery for all generations is greatly supported by her approach on illustration. Her colorful work is driven by reconciling contrasts into simple scenes with a touch of humor. The technical aspects of her work are defined by hand-drawn elements, full of painterly textures and reduced color palettes, using mostly gouache, ink and pencils but also digital work. 




Luxembourg culture ready for take-off. 

Inspired by the emblematic monuments of the city of Esch-sur.Alzette, this collaboration highlights diversity and inclusion while taking the colors of Esch and Luxair and adapting them to the style of Lynn Cosyn. The illustrations are made of details, each telling a unique story and using characters with a particularity. Luxair and ESCH2022 are honored to be able to highlight the work of Luxembourg artists and to be part of this unique project. The aircraft LX-LBA will fly for the first time on November 27th 2022.






Discover the backstage of the realization of this new livery in partnership with ESCH 2022!

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