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Keep your personal space, block the seat beside you, starting as low as 45€*.


Take advantage of our new service - Dynamic Seat Blocker - which allows you to purchase one or two empty seats next to you in Economy Class, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Seat Blocker allows you to secure more personal space by purchasing one or more blocked seats, guaranteeing no other passenger will be beside you. 


Get a Seat Blocker on your next flight!



*Please see our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that apply to this offer.



Extra Comfort

Stretch out and relax in maximum comfort with multiple seats.

More Privacy

Enjoy more privacy with the extra personal space.

Maintain social distancing

Fly flight with seats that remain passenger-free for the entire duration of your trip and help you maintaining the social distancing..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • You are eligible to purchase a free seat next to you when:

    • You are flying on a Luxair-operated flight (Luxair & Luxair Tours)
    • You have a confirmed ticket document number that starts with 149 (LG)
    • All passengers on the same reservation must sit together and the blocked seats would be shared between these travellers.
    • Passengers wishing to split their booking in order to buy separate DSB experiences should contact Luxair directly to do this, prior to making their purchase (+352 2456-1)


    You are not eligible for Dynamic Seat Blocker when:

    • You are flying as part of a group booking
    • You are identified as a customer who booked a special service (weapon, extra seat, cabin baggage, pet in the cabin, unaccompanied minor, wheelchair, blind, sports equipment)

    • 24hrs up to 2hrs before departure - via the invitation email sent to your email address or via the LUXAIR WEB CHECK-IN or MOBILE CHECK-IN

    • VISA
    • Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP)

    • An email confirming the traveller’s purchase will be sent following the successful purchase of a next free seat.
    • The email sender name is smartupgrade@luxair.lu
    • The email will contain confirmation message, flight information, passenger seat assignment, the next free seat block number and the amount paid
    • The email is considered as proof of purchase

  • If for any reason, operational or other, a passenger does not end up traveling with an empty seat(s) next to them an email will be automatically triggered confirming their refund.


    This email will contain:

    • A message acknowledging that the blocked seat/s were not able to be offered on the flight
    • A confirmation of the amount that has been refunded to the customer credit card

  • Specific headrest will indicate the next free seat purchase and guarantee the personal comfort on-board our flight.

    • Depending on the destination and flight time, the fee for the next free seat fee can change and vary accordingly
    • Discount fees may apply

    • When traveling alone, you may purchase 1 seat on the Q400 and up to 2 seats in the 737/738
    • When traveling as 2 people on a 737/738 aircraft, you may block 1 seat next to you to secure the personal comfort

  • No, the next free seat can only be blocked in the same row next to you

  • Economy Neighbour-Free is only available on flights operated by Luxair Airways.

    • The blocked seats are not indicated on your BP but are blocked in the system and cannot be selected by other customer.
    • Only the booked seat, you are seated in, is indicated in the boarding pass

    • Our cabin crew will ensure the Extra Seat Blocker on-board experience, special headrest are dressed to the blocked seat.

    • Once the confirmation mail was received informing about the seat booked &blocked, no further action on seat selection is required.
    • But you will still have to finalize the self-service check-in flow on our mobile or webpage

Terms and Conditions

See full Terms and Conditions here