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Online Seat Reservation Service

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Online Seat Reservation Service

Online Seat Reservation Service

Do you like to sit by the window, do you love your aisle seat... and want to sit with your fellow travelers? Or would you prefer to have more legroom during the flight?


How to book your seat in advance:

  • You can book the seat of your choice while booking your flight on, from desktop devices and tablets.
  • Simply follow the booking process and click on "SELECT SEAT" at the booking step "Additional Services".
  • If you have already booked a flight, you can add your seat easily via Manage my Booking. 


Extra peace of mind when you fly:

  • Choose your standard seat for only 12€. All standard seats are free of charge for flyFLEX, Business Class and Miles & More Senator & HON Circle Members.
  • You prefer more freedom? Secure yourself one of our popular seats with extra legroom, and enjoy even greater comfort on your trip. Exit seats are available at 25€ and it's even for free for Business Class customers.
    • You can benefit from our online seat selection service up to 2h before flight departure.
    • Please note that the seat map in the booking flow will also show seat characteristics, like seats eligible for passengers with infants, for passengers travelling with pets or persons with reduced mobility. Please ensure you select your seat accordingly.
    • Please note that your seat booking is not a registration, the check-in stays inevitable. In the event of non-presentation for your flight, your seat will not be refunded nor can it be transferred. If you cancel your booking, your seat service will also not be refunded.
    • See full Terms and Conditions here.

  • Exit seats are available on our flights operated with Boeing aircrafts and for the first row of our Bombardier Q400 aircrafts, they are not available in Economy class on our Bombardier Q400 aircrafts. Passengers seated on exit row must meet the following safety criteria:

    • be at least 12 years old
    • speak and understand English
    • be able to open the exit door if needed and assist the crew

    Note that the seats can be changed for security reasons before or during the journey by airline staff.

    • Our new seat selection service can also be booked via our Callcenter at +352 2456 1 and via your travel agency.

  • For LuxairTours holiday packages (flight + hotel), you can book your preferred seats directly on our LuxairTours website.

    Also you can book preferred seats for LuxairTours during the Web and Mobile check-in.

  • Yes, I can choose my seat:

    • Fly Classic and Fly Plus: reservation of my preferred seat costs 12€ for a standard seat and 25€ for a seat with more space.
    • Fly Flex: reservation of my preferred seat (standard seat) is free of charge. Reservation of a seat with more space costs 25€.
    • Fly Business: reservation of any seat is free of charge.

    If I do not wish to choose my preferred seat, a random seat will be allocated for me automatically.

À-la-carte Booking ? Pay for what you get!

Our new fare structure provides you different price entry points - always with valuable extra benefits when you opt for "More".


Please download the full PDF here.