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If I missed the first flight of my reservation, how can I tell Luxair that I want to use the return flight or the remaining routes?

Booking and payment

Only in the case of tickets sold in Italy, passengers who have missed the first flight or have not used it for any reason, but who wish to take advantage of the return flight or subsequent flights as originally booked without recalculation of the fare or surcharge, must inform Luxair as soon as possible and in any case:
within 24 hours after the official departure time of the first flight or
if the official departure time of the return flight is within 24 hours of the departure of the first flight, at least 2 hours before the departure of the aforementioned return flight.
Passengers must only call the phone number +352 2456-4242 or access the dedicated portal using the following link providing the following information:

booking code
number and date of departure of the lost or unused flight
name and surname of the passenger(s) included in the aforementioned booking that has / have lost or has / have not used the flight
communication of your intention to use the return flight or subsequent flights as originally booked.
If the official departure time of the next flight is within 72 hours of the departure of the first flight, Luxair recommends that passengers, among the three options described above, contact the phone number +352 2456-4242.
Luxair will issue a new e-ticket for the remaining itinerary.
If the passenger does not make the aforementioned communication in accordance with the times indicated, Luxair reserves the right to charge the passenger with the payment of an additional tariff surcharge which corresponds to the difference between the originally paid fare and the fare that the passenger would have had to pay at the time of the issuance of the ticket, for the journey actually performed by the passenger. If the fare category originally booked by the passenger was not available for the modified itinerary on the day of the booking, the tariff basis for the recalculation will be considered the tariff category of the cheapest route available for the itinerary modified by the passenger. Please note that Luxair can carry out the transport depending on whether the passenger has paid this price difference.

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