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Electronic Ticket

What exactly is an electronic ticket? 

An electronic ticket or E-ticket replaces paper tickets with passenger name, itinerary, date and price on it. Instead of being printed on the ticket, this information is stored in a Luxair data base, after the booking and payment have been effected. 

How does it work? 

After we have received your e-mail confirming your reservation and after the payment has been effected per credit card, you will get a copy of the itinerary containing the following information:


- Name and first name of the passenger

- E-ticket number

- Reservation number

- Flight number; date; destinations; departure and

- Arrival time

- Price

- Extracts of the Warsaw Convention


This copy of the itinerary together with your identity card will be sufficient to get your boarding pass at the check-in desk.

  • Actually the ticket exists in the computer system in terms of stored data, with an identification number and the above mentioned information.

  • Yes, you still need a hard copy of the itinerary that we will send you and you still have to carry along the hard copy of your boarding pass, but the actual ticket will be paperless.

  • Very soon it will be available on the entire Luxair Network, but only on point-to-point flights, which means for flights without correspondance. And if one or more flight segments of your journey are not eligible for e-ticketing the whole itinerary will be printed on classic paper tickets.

If you need more information about e-ticketing, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +352 2456 4242.